quinta-feira, 20 de julho de 2006

I need your love tonight

Elvis Presley
Oh, [F]oh, I [C7]love you so. Uh, uh,
can't [F]let you go.
Ooh, ooh, [F7]don't [Bb]tell me no,
I [F]need your [C7]love to[F]night.

Oh, [F]gee, the [C7]way you kiss.
Sweedee, too [F]good to miss.
Wow-whee, [F7]want [Bb]more of this,
I [F]need your [C7]love to[F]night.

[Bb]I've been waiting just [F]for tonight
to [C7]do some lovin' and [F]hold you tight,
don't [Bb]tell me baby you [F]gotta go,
I got the [G7]hifi high and the [C7]lights down low.

Hey, [F]now, hear [C7]what I say.
Oh, wow, you [F]better stay.
Pow, pow, [F7]don't [Bb]run away,

I [F]need your [C7]love to[F]night,
I [F]need your [C7]love to[F]night.

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