quinta-feira, 20 de julho de 2006

A Little Bit Of Green

Elvis Presley
Intro  Bm   E   A

A                              Bm   E
Now that the truth is hard to face. 
I can't forget you once
A                               Bm   E
were mine.  Now someone else is in my place.    Whenever
A      F   F7
we meet my heart beats out of task.
Bb                    Cm   F
Refrain-   Just a little bit of green.

Clouds my eyes to what
Bb    Bb7           Gm          Cm   Eb 
I've seen.       Just a little bit of green. 
Bb   Eb
When I see you, with
Bb  Eb               Bb            
someone new,     and knowing that there's nothing
F             Bb     E
I can do.

Please don't try to tie me down.
Those are the words you often
say.  I can't help seeing you around.
You smile with surprise, I
turn my eyes away.  (refrain)

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